Jul 10, 2011

Put on your chalks and chopsticks!

Ok, I was going to title it ‘put on your writing caps’ but putting on chalks and chopsticks sounds so much more interesting. Aqua’s brilliant conception deserves no less. Now if I was only more respecting of deadlines the last two times when Sra and Sandeepa hosted the event. Nevertheless, once I managed to post my overdue fiction, I was overwhelmed at the kind, encouraging and appreciative response to it from some of you. I couldn’t ask for better friends and visitors of DSM.

After the still pending part 2 of 'It takes two to marry...' I had vowed to finish all future stories in one single post. I am proud to say I have managed to stick to that resolve. However, two of the above mentioned supportive friends, namely Sandeepa and Harini, wanted a part 2 to ‘To stalk a brinji’. I insisted that I was done with the brinji and Sandeepa duly conceded and I quote her here, “...I know there won't be a second part because this is how the author wants it to end but since I know the author personally I can always demand my kinda endings, can't I ;-) Not that the author has to listen or anything!!!”

Well, the author listened not because of her nagging but because Harini’s idea of writing the story from ‘Uncle’s’ point of view appealed to her. There still will be no part 2 to the brinji but the author is working on Harini's above mentioned idea. This also brings the said author, me, to announce the third edition of the revived  'Of Chalks and Chopsticks' event which is being hosted this month here at DSM. If you are new to this blog or not aware of ‘OC&C’, it is all about combining your writing chops with your eating chops. To put it simply, OC&C is about writing an interesting piece of food fiction. It may or may not have a recipe but it has to reference food. For examples check out my food fiction page or a previous roundup of the event on Sra’s blog.

The revived event also has a photo cue for you to get inspired and fire up your imagination or get you stuck on the photo and leave you totally uninspired to come up with anything (whichever way you choose to look at it).  But if the above photo sparks the writer in you, here are some basic rules, penned by Sra, with one additional rule by me, to follow before sending in your entry.

1. Spin us a yarn - an original one, based on the above photo cue. It could either be based on a real incident or could be something completely imaginary. Explore any genre: humor, romance, mystery, paranormal etc.

2. The story you write has to have some food - it doesn't have to be a recipe.

3. There is no word limit on the story you write, but it has to be written in one single post.

4. Posts written for this event CAN be shared with other events.

5. Please link to this post and Aqua's original post mentioned above.

6. It is recomended but not required that you add the above photo to your post. If you do, mention this link in the caption since I own the copyright to the photo that I took.

7. Post your story and the recipe between now and August 10 and mail it to me at: jayawagle@gmail.com

Include the following details in your mail:

1. Name and URL of your blog

2. Title and URL of your post

So, grab that chalk, or pen or laptop or desktop and start writing.

At the expense of shameless self promotion, if you haven't already clicked 'like' on the DSM page on facebook, please do so and stroke my ego.  The badge is right there on the top left hand corner or here is the link to DSM on fb.


  1. Oh, the rules are Aqua's, Jaya! Maybe I was not so respecting of the recipe part, because I don't always want a recipe to come in the way of my fiction. Is that a Canon camera that you took the pic with? And that's a big citrus, grapefruit? And a plug and wire, a tray, and a container in which they're all sitting. Hmm ...

  2. Sra, the error will be corrected duly and credit for the rules given to Aqua. And hey, I haven't always given the recipe either but as long as there is a strong association of food to it, I say it is fair.
    I did take that photo with a Canon P&S in a color accent mode. You got the ingredients right too, including the grapefruit. :-)

  3. Thank you for hosting! I hope to be more respecting of the deadline myself this time around, I was way too late for Sra's and still have to post for the one Sandeepa hosted...

    Very interesting picture and it is going to make my grey cells think very hard to come up with something :)

    And hey,read Sra's comment and your response (with ref to the rules) and honestly, it doesn't matter.

  4. I am not a write, but I thoroughly enjoy this event and read all the stories :)

  5. Keep coming back to see the picture and keep wondering what I can weave from it!

  6. Aqua, let's all agree to stick with as many rules as we can to the best of our abilities and we should be good. As to the picture, can't wait to read the magic your grey cells will come up with.

    Priya, thank you. I appreciate the support. :-)

  7. Hi Jaya, I didn't know this event was back on -- how lovely! Will try to send something, time permitting.

  8. Vaishali, it will be great if you will spin a yarn. You are a great story teller. Looking forward to it. :-)

  9. Hmmm, now that is a tough one Jaya. A laptop charger and grapefruit and lime ?

  10. yay! I finally posted my first ever contribution to Chalks and Chopsticks.

  11. I feel so honoured!:) The pic contains a motley crowd! Wondering what kind of yarns are going to be spun!


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