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Mar 24, 2010

You may want to unsubscribe now...

A few months ago, when Manisha asked the same of her readers, it was for a totally opposite reason than mine. She was about to embark on the NaBloWriMo.
I, on the other hand, have already embarked on a journey I never thought I would take again after I was done with my degrees and started working. Now, a decade and some later, in my adopted country where it is never too late to start anew, I have decided to get a degree in arts, something I had always wanted to do.
Combined with all the trappings involved with being a mom and a good student, it is hard to keep up with the obligations of a blog not to mention hours spent blog hopping and facebooking.
When Randy Pausch tells you to prioritize your work load according to the following rule, you listen and as a result, blogging takes a back seat to the four year old, school and the four walls one calls a home.

That is not to say I am taking a permanent break from blogging. I will still post but not on a regular basis. Or should we say my regular basis will be sporadic, as evident from this second post in a month.
If any of you want to catch up with me or what is going on in my life, you can always look me up on 359 days of DSM, where I try to post at least once in two days. Why that and not DSM, you may ask? Because it takes me a few minutes to post here as opposed to a few hours on this blog.
So, if you decide to unsubscribe, I understand and agree. Let the countdown begin.

Jan 7, 2010

Doubt in a bottle

My new year’s resolution is to lay off wine. As if to compensate for the lack of red anti oxidents I decided to join the Project 365  (which is not to be inferred as a daily drinking habit). With only a day into the project my head is already swirling with ideas.
The project requires carrying a camera everywhere you go -- grocery store, a restaurant, the neighbor’s house, on the road, to the gym. The idea is to capture the year with a picture a day.

Since I joined the group six days late, I will be chronicling only 359 Days of DSM (desi soccer mom).
As I write this post it is 1 AM in the morning. The dishwasher is quite and all I hear is the rattling of my keyboard and the drip of the leaky faucet in the sink. Did I mention before I am an insomniac? Any remedies/ cures short of sleeping pills will be appreciated.
Coming back to my doubt in a bottle: I know this year is going to be busy, with tackling three classes in school every Sat, my writer’s meet once a month and a resolve to start writing something every month for critiquing, not to mention getting rid of clutter before the winter is over. That’s right, I like to de clutter in the winter when I am cooped up in the house instead of spring-cleaning when I would rather take a walk.
Right now it is too cold to take a walk, even if it is from the parking lot to the gym. I finally did it yesterday, six days into the new year and I am hoping I’ll be able to make it at least three days a week till Summer, when it will be too hot to walk.
As I lay in bed, tossing and turning, willing myself to fall asleep and counting all the above things I have resolved to stick to, I began to wonder if I have chewed more than I can eat. Is the overeating going to give me a bad case of indigestion? (Remedies for that are also appreciated.) An elder in our family always gave out ten tasks to finish, knowing only eight will be done. I am hoping all ten will be done by the end of the year.
Wish me luck and check out 359 Days of DSM.

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