Jan 6, 2010

The repost event and another set of rules

My last post, confirmed what I had suspected for a while now. Initial posts on most blogs are like orphans. They sit in the first month, neglected and unread. Ironically, sometimes they are the ones close to the foodie’s heart, either because of the skill level involved in making them or because they are the ultimate comfort foods.
The first few posts are also the precursors to the more polished ones with better photographs and possibly more readers. Sometimes they (the posts not the readers) do get sent for events as reposts but I am not sure they receive the same treatment as the fresh posts.
It is not conventional to ask fellow bloggers, that too at the beginning of the New Year, to revisit their earliest posts. But I am anything but conventional and it has been pointed out to me that mine is not the usual cookery blog (thank you for that comment Radha). So, instead of waiting for my one year blog anniversary or my 100th post to announce an event, I am going to do so with two more posts to the finish line and about four more months to go before Desi Soccer Mom turns one (yes, henceforth this blog will be called Desi Soccer Mom instead of JAYASPACE).

And here are the unconventional but strict rules to my event, which I have decided to call 'The Repost Event' that begins today and ends Feb 6:

Rule No. 1: Choose not more than two food related posts out of the first 10 posts on your blog.
Rule No. 2: Do not just repost but rewrite your old posts. Add, subtract or edit to the post. In short dress it up or down. For ex tell your readers why you decided on that particular post. Or what made you learn or make that dish and post it. I am looking for posts similar to this one.  
Rule No. 3: To get around Rule No. 2. If you think your post is perfect and the text does not need any editing, at least take the effort and put up a different, if possible better photo. Add value by talking about some interesting/ funny comments you received on that post. 
Rule No. 4: Link back to the original post so readers can compare. Lines similar to: “This was my original post” or "This is what I posted before" should do the trick. 
Rule No. 5: Repost the edited post and send with a 300px wide photo to jayawagle(at)gmail.com. Add a link to this post and write ‘The Repost Event’ in the subject line.

the repost event
In return for following my rules, I swear to follow these rules (sarcasm intended):
Rule No. 1: I will post the roundup in a timely fashion, by second week of Feb, barring any unfortunate circumstances.
Rule No. 2: I will not solicit on your comment form for participation in my event.
Rule No. 3: I will not insist that you be a follower of my blog to participate.

Happy reposting foodies. 


  1. I am genuinely impressed with your theme. I do not have to go back and check that when my blog was new there were some posts which I guess no body read. In fact I reposted one of the recipes again after a few months and was happy so see the response.
    I guess I can manage to do some reposting...

  2. Hi
    Its really very different event! Yes! I do agree with Pari, there are many posts which no one read or commented!(especially, when I started my blog and very few knew about it) When I reposted few posts,I got good response. Now I have a lovely group of friends, who regularly leaves sweet comments.
    Count me for your event. Thanks for this unique event!

  3. Hi Desi Soccer Mom:)
    This was a really good idea, and it would be cool to be apart of another wonderful idea you might have ...hint hint?????:)
    Have an amazing day:)

  4. Hi,
    Nice event dear.because I agree that the fiest few posts are not read by many and they are close to out heart..Will surely try to participate.

  5. :) I love the rules that you intend to follow. Neat event idea!

  6. glad you explained that JayaSpace is gone -- I thought I had entered a parallel universe! :) Good Luck with your new adventures!

  7. Great event that brings back our most dearest posts. I know how I struggled to get my first post and even today look back at how it didn`t receive its due recognition but at the same time it reminds me of the mistakes I made at that time( not that I am any better today).
    Will send you my entries.
    Question though- I do not want two posts on the same recipe so are you very particular about it? Let me know. I will be happy to change the pic and repost it with some corrections.

  8. Neat idea! And I especially love your rules - I was really miffed to see an event where you HAD to be a follower of the blog before you could participate in the event. Blogging or Cult?
    Rock on with your bad self, Desi Soccer Mom (BTW - I much prefer this name)

  9. WIll surely send an entry..or a dozen :)

    Never got a comment for my first posts and this seems like a good idea to show case them (old wine in a new bottle huh)..Will see if I can stick to those rules..

    Lov the name desi soccer mom for the new space..

  10. very innivative event, you dont have to think of cooking anything new...:)
    I have already taken new pictures of some of dishes in the old posts.Perfect for the event

  11. the best theme ever....oh i am sooo in!

  12. That's soooo lovely.Many a times I felt I was the only one reading my initial posts and here you are ready to give them credit.Will surely join the fun!!Happy hosting.Btw,I loved those rules you intend to follow :)

  13. Seriously??..:)..you won't insist I subscribe now

  14. Jaya,
    That's a nice event. Will try sending you an entry.

  15. Lovely theme. Will send in my entry.

  16. Thanks for the mention!
    Also, will try and send an entry. In fact, I do go back to most posts ( the initial posts - since my blog started more as a recipe book for my daughter) did not have pictures. So I added pictures later on. A comment here and there. And presto - it is almost like a new post!

  17. Wonderful event Jaya! Thinking of which post to choose and why;)
    To add to all the complexity my first 75 or so posts were in Marathi ....

  18. Hi.. very nice event :), I like the theme very much :), very different!

  19. Hi Jaya, nice to discover your food blog too, through Sra's post today. This is a brilliant idea for an event!

  20. Very interesting and diffrent theme..sure will participate in this :)

  21. Wow! what a thought..very new idea..will participate..

  22. Hi...first time 2 ur Wonderful space..thats a really intersting event, though mine hasnt become so old enough to brush up...Still i'll try 2 post something 4 the event...
    keep up the good work !!

  23. A very nice space I must say.Good job.Shall take part in ur events for sure.Thanks.
    Do drop my http://anjuskitchentreasures.blogspot.com/

  24. Hi Jaya, I read about this event in Pari's Foodelicious blog, but unfortunately I am late :( My blog is still an infant and I would have loved to repost one of my earlier posts. Anyway... I must tell you that reposting event is indeed a very good idea.


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