Dec 30, 2009

The year errr… nine months in review

In an ideal world my last post of the year would have also been my 100th post. But my world is anything but ideal so even though I was reaching hard for a century, I fell short by four posts.

As I write this post, there has been a second helping of snow in Texas. Technically, this is the third time it has snowed but the first time it was just for a few hours. The second time we had snow flurries the whole day and when it stopped the snow stayed on the next day. We had enough to make a snowman and have a snowball fight. Of course, we didn’t do it cause it was cozy and warm inside.

But I digress. Coming back to my eight months in review that starts in the month of April. I remember it was the beginning of spring and I felt it was a good day to start a blog. Of course, like all things I do in my life, I did not give it much thought but jumped right in.

I was on a high after having mastered the art of making sabudana khichdi from a friend just days ago. I was making it every weekend and felt like sharing the secret to a non-sticky sabudana khichdi with the world. The picture was taken as an afterthought on the dining table, with my son’s toys scattered around.
A few other random recipes followed, some with pictures, some without. I was yet unaware of all the other amazing food blogs out there.  I just went exploring through the ‘Next Blog’ button. That is how I chanced on Dips’ Centaur Cooks. Through her, I found Vaishali’s wonderful, passionately vegan blog, Holy Cow, Recipes from a Vegan Kitchen.
Following few comments led to Supriya’s tasteful Red Chillis and the Holy Grail of Indie blogs, Jai and Bee’s Jugalbandi. Jugalbandi's monthly photo event was one highlight of my monthly posts as I tried to take better pictures every month. I am most proud of this one:

Of course, RC’s Food World blog aggregator introduced me to a whole new world of blogging. One blog led to another and soon I was chasing blogs like one tries to count the stars. In the end, I had to curb my enthusiasm and detox myself of the wonderful but addictive world of blogging.

By then I had also found the world of food events and there came a time when everything I posted was with the intent of entering in an event. I become obsessed with it to the point of exhaustion. You just have to look at the months of June and July. I was in full swing, with every post geared towards an event.

Thankfully, I got out of that phase quickly. Now, I do enter a few events but I don’t stress myself out.
August was the result of my putting on a few pounds and logging my eating habits for the whole world to see.
By the end of that month, I was spent and two pounds lighter. I was also learning to relax with my posts and not try to force myself to write.
September was the month to brew some old memories and long forgotten recipes, not to mention two cathartic rants.

October saw fewer posts but by then I was no longer worried about posting something every couple of days and was taking my time with each post.
I had discovered Sra’s witty blog When my soup came alive and Manisha’s Indian Food Rocks the previous month. It was Diwali time by then and a total of my seven posts had either Diwali recipes or an entry for Sra’s unique The Write Taste event. Rock on Sra!
I would have completed the 100 post mark in mid December if I had been more active in November (only 4 posts!). But I was busy with going back to school (College for non USA reader), my final papers and presentation.

I even missed my monthly book club review, This Book Makes Me Cook, that I had been religiously doing every month since July. It is a wonderful group of bloggers, headed by Simran of Bombay Foodie, who choose and review a book at the end of each month. We also try to create a recipe based on the book. If you would like to join our book club, drop a line to Simran or any of the other members and we will welcome you with open arms.

December started with only 10 posts to go and a steely resolve to hit the century.  Of course, the gods of fate conspired with a fun filled family holiday spent visiting children’s science and history museum and planning for my son’s fourth birthday.
So here I am, at the end of December, with four more posts to go but no more days left in the month.
It was still worth it though, making friends over the blog and meeting them on FB. Finding out about networked blogs (Thank you Vaishali) and trying to take better pictures of the food.

I will be remiss if I don’t mention a very witty blogger and now a good friend, Ann of Split Pear Personality. I met her through the book club (correct me if I am wrong Ann) a few months ago. If any one can make a recipe read funny it is Ann. Check out her left over Shepherd's Pie or the Counterfeit Appams.
Last but not the least, a special mention goes to Sangeeta of Banaras ka khanna, who despite personal adversity cooks delicious, regional foods from her kitchen in Delhi and puts it on her blog for the world to benefit from. You are a hero Sangeeta. Keep on blogging and smiling.
This brings us to the end of my post which is being shipped off hurriedly to Srivalli’s Best of the Year, just before the deadline ends.
Hopefully, the next two weeks will see me hit the century post.
Here's wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2010.


  1. So sweet Jaya!! Wow! I'm beside myself - thank you! Thank you! And the snow pics are gorgeous. So crisp and pristine.
    I wish you many happy years of blogging ahead!

  2. A great read at this point of time n i enjoyed reading many great blogs and i am yet to reach out to them...i want to read all of these after you reviewed them so nicely ...
    ( thanks a lot for the generous sweet mention of my blog )..
    As for me , i land at blogs randomly most of the times n want to read as many great blogs as possible....many non food blogs and many crafts ones the coming year i have resolved to see many more blogs n you made my work easier..:)

    Oh..i have been quite notorious by not participating in events and accepting n passing on those awards .....what to say on this ...i don't really know.

  3. Very well written crisp post Jaya, and I am glad I have visited these blogs that you have mentioned.I realised even your photography skills have become so good :-).
    Wish you a very Happy New Year.

  4. Hi girl:)
    Seeing as we started our two blogs at approx the same time...i can say that we have had a pretty good run so far...And more to come in 2010.
    So thank you for all your lovely comments, and advice through the year...
    Happy New Year:)

  5. That's a nice and generous post, Jaya. Keep blogging, I enjoy reading your blog - it's one of the well-written ones in the blogosphere!

  6. Ann, thank you and it IS fun reading your blog. You keep blogging too. :)

    Thank you Sangeeta. It has been a pleasure knowing you. :)

    Pari, thank you for the compliment. A very Happy New Year to you too. :)

    SP, I totally agree. We've had a pretty good run so far. Happy New Year to you too. :)

    Sra, that means a lot coming from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  7. Jaya, thanks and wishing you and your family a very happy new year. Congratulations on the 96 pots it is a milestone indeed. Thanks for the mention of my blogs and I am so glad to have found yours. I enjoy your posts, your writing, your thoughts etc.

    Sabudana Kichidi caught my eye and I will pester you with some questions. I cannot make a decent khichidi for crying out loud :-( and to think that my mom used to make this every single Saturday!

  8. I have never been able to make a good Sabudana Kichidi. I should look at the recipe. And also, this is not the usual cookery blog. It has much more to offer. All the best. Happy New Year

  9. Hey Jaya, Thanks for the honorable mention and congratulations on the great run! I have to admit that starting at the same time as you, I have been less consistent than you have been..and with your school too..If you dont mind me asking - what is it that you are studying ?
    and ofcourse wish you a very Happy and fruitful 2010 ! Cheers !!

  10. wonderful post, Jaya! Going off to look at your Sabudana Khichadi secret now :) Happy new year to you too!

  11. wish you a happy new year jaya! Loved reading your book review (as always).

  12. Thanks for the lovely recap ...

    Happy New year to you and your family!


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