Jun 28, 2010

Back to basics

Yesterday, Sra announced the 3rd edition of Chalks and Chopsticks, an event I myself have hopes of  hosting in the future. On the heels of Sra’s announcement came Srivalli’s post on a basic technique of cooking toor dal which I used to follow too, before I discovered the joy of one pot dal.

However, Valli’s post made me think of some of the basic techniques I had posted in my early days of blogging, namely how to make ghee (name one Indie blog which hasn’t posted it?), my masala dabba and my MIL’s secret. The failure to browse as many blogs as possible in search of basic cooking techniques prompted the idea of back to basics event.

What am I looking for:

1. How to and tips on how you make your life easier in the kitchen, by grinding pastes or freezing seasonal fruits and vegetables.

2. Recipes for rubs, marinades and masalas: garam masala, goda masala, dhana jeera powder (corrainder cumin), etc.

3. Posts like the above mentioned 'cooking toor dal for the week and storing in the fridge'.

4. Recipes for concentrates like this lemon concentrate used to make lemonade.

5. A food recipe that goes with the above is totally optional but welcome.

If you got the drift, start posting the kitchen secrets. Here are the rules:

Rule No. 1: The entrees must be original. If inspired or copied from another source, please give credit or Madhuri, our desi Nancy Drew will not only catch you but shut you down.

Rule No. 2: Follow the general guideline listed under: In what I am looking for.

Rule No. 3: Link your post to this post.

Rule No. 4: Older entrees are fine as long as you link them here.

Rule No. 5: Keep the usage of exclamation points (!) to the minimum and totally avoid them in the title, if you can. (This is an original rule from here and I respect it).

No need to send a picture. I am going to follow Nupur and Manisha’s lead and do the roundup without the clicks.

Send it to me at this address or leave a link in the comment section below.

The last date is July 31st plus a grace period of five more days (my summer school gets over on Aug 5th).

And just like my last event, here are the rules that apply to me:

Rule No. 1: I will post the roundup in a timely fashion, before second week of August, barring any unfortunate circumstances.

Rule No. 2: I will not solicit anyone’s blog for participation in my event.

Rule No. 3: I will not insist that you “must” be a follower of my blog in order to participate. In fact I urge you not to follow unless you intend to visit regularly.

Rule No. 4: I will not brag/ sulk about the no. of entrees I receive or don't receive.

The ball is in your kitchens foodies.


  1. Hey Jaya, I liked your 'rules', esp. that one needn't be a follower. I hate that one! It is barbarous 'bribery' according to me:).

    Do you accept only new posts? I recently wrote how I make coconut butter and coconut cream at home and it is a kitchen basic for a vegan kitchen at least. Does it qualify?


    Someday I hope to write a post for chalks and chopsticks! I have not been able to find the writer in me since the event started.

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  3. Thank you Sunshinemom for appreciating that rule. I like the 'barbarous bribery' term and totally agree with you.
    As to your lovely entree, it is totally accepted as per rule No. 4.

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  5. Always love your straight talk Jaya. :-)
    Am looking forward to sharing some of my basic tips .. and oh ... I've not posted how to make ghee. :p

  6. Basic, hmm? Guess I'll just be a follower this time ;)

  7. Sharmilla, I stand corrected. :) Looking forward to your post.

    Sra, how to gut a jackfruit will qualify hands down.:)

  8. Once again u are out with another gem of an event.Will surely send u some,including how to make ghee[that's something I keep postponing to post ;)]..

  9. Visited your blog thru Nupur's , you got a very nice blog :-). I appreciate all the effort that goes into it.

  10. Hi Jaya,
    The event is very different, and I liked all the rules (Madhuri!!! :-) )
    I like the way you express your thoughts, very clear and correct.
    I am in for your event. (and I will not use !!! at all. I use it more in my writing)
    But I can not promise for the grammar.
    Waiting for the round up already.

  11. Hi Jaya ! didnt know you were from the DFW area ...very glad to know that ! This is a great contest...for busy gals in the kitchen, any tip that aids them in lessening work is golden....have to put my thinking cap on !

  12. Hi Jaya, here comes my entry, hopefully it fits in ur criterias..

  13. PJ, Poorna and Nivedita, Thank you.

    PJ: Looking forward to your entry.

    Nivedita: don't worry about the grammar.

    Chaya: Looking forward to see what your cap cooks up.

    Pari: Thank you for that entry. I just left a comment on your blog.

  14. Interesting reads and yummy recipes. Glad that I landed here. Following you to keep in touch, take care

  15. I am already looking forward to the roundup, as I need some good ideas to save time.
    Let me see what i can come up with. Does kneading the chapathi dough count it ?? (just kidding :-))

  16. Hey Jaya,
    Thats great. Anything that can save me time and yet whip up delicious meal- I m in. Your first five points are so interesting!

  17. Jaya,

    First time here in your blog, i love the rule for event. What i was thinking you put it on blog. I will try to send some.

  18. Jaya! I'm a month early! I could not believe it.
    What to do with sad looking lemons:

  19. Nice event! I will try to participate in it.

  20. here is my entry for your beautiful event:BASIC IDLY BATTER

  21. Would this qualify? http://ifmacancooksocanyou.blogspot.com/2009/10/tomato-salsa.html - this is a guest post - my sister in law Cindy makes tomato salsa and stores them for future use.

  22. These are my entries:



  23. Hi Jaya
    here is first entry, hoping to send 2 more,
    Mail me for any doubts.

  24. Hi Jaya, How are you. I would like to send this basic lemonade syrup recipe to this event. Here is the link


  25. Jaya, hi, managed to finally link my post to yours! Here it is!


  26. Girl you are as bad as Sra, making us mouse over each link..:)..Oh well you still get an entry ok!..:)

  27. Hi Jaya,
    here is my entry for the event.

  28. Hi Jaya, I was some how assuming that I posted my lemonade recipe link here, hope I am not late.

    Here is the link for Basic Lemonade Concentrate


  29. http://theveggiehut.blogspot.com/2010/07/green-chutney.html

    Hi Jaya,

    Here is my entry for ur event. Green Chutney is one of the first few things I learnt when I started cooking..


  30. Jaya check you mail. 'am going to be away and my post scheduled.

  31. Jaya,

    This is my entry


  32. Hi Jaya, This is my entry for event


  33. Thanks Jaya, have send details to Aqua.


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