Nov 19, 2009

Plugging Wagle on World Toilet Day

The title is not a pun. It is World Toilet Day (I am not kidding you!) and I am plugging a blogger friend, Dinesh Wagle (no relation) who blogs at Wagle Street Journal.  Dinesh is currently the bureau chief of Nepal's Kathmandu Post and is stationed in Delhi. He blogs and posts photos of happenings in Delhi and the country from the eyes of a Nepali. Frankly, I never thought of Nepal as another country (I knew it was), just a friendly neighbor separated by a border.
It is always interesting to see your home country from an outsiders point of view and Dineshs' views are exactly that, interesting and unique.
I found out about the World Toilet Day from his blog and almost burst out laughing at his account and the photos of public urinals in India. So, if you are not squeamish about public toilets, do hop on over and take a peek (pun intended).
What are your best/ worst public toilet experiences?


  1. I know there have been some really bad jokes about this everywhere!

  2. Hi Jaya, I did pop over to the site, tried posting a reply, but am not sure if it worked.

    This was what I thought about encouraging people to use the cleaner toilet facilities. Pay people to use them. I do not know the charges ( but it could not be a big amount), get donations, and hope that over a period of time, people get used to cleaner facilities so that it ultimately becomes a way of life.

  3. I did see this announcement in our local newspaper and was wondering if there was one day left in the year that wasn't some day or the other!

  4. It is very bad that you did not know "Nepal is separate and independent country " . If you don't take this personal, please surf wikipedia regularly. :-D

  5. I am really squeamish when it comes to public toilets and I have a million horror stories! :) But I once had a funny experience in Guadalajara while trying to find a toilet-- Desi and I stopped for coffee at a small restaurant and we asked the waiter where the toilet was in what is no doubt our highly accented Spanish. He didn't understand even after we had pulled out the dictionary and gone through three or four different versions of "toilet" in Spanish. Finally he went off to get a couple of other waiters and everyone spent more time scratching their heads and trying to figure it out. When I finally made my way to the bathroom, no one in the restaurant had any doubt where I was headed :)

  6. A & N, I can imagine the kind of jokes out there. :)

    Radha, I just checked Dinesh's site. Your comment is on there and so is his response. And I do agree with you about people having to get used to cleaner facilities and making it a way of life.

    Aparna, couldn't agree more.

    Waveguru, I do know Nepal is a separate country. I was merely saying it feels like a part of India. And if you don't take it personally, please stop surfing Wikipidea regularly for facts. It is not the most reliable source of information on everything.

    Vaishali, what can I say, I am laughing so hard. :)

  7. Thank you Jaya for generating discussion :P


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