Jul 28, 2010

A tale of tofu and tardy – II

Tofu Steak

In case you missed how to make tofu at home (and step by step clicks to go with it! The exclaimation because I don't do it often), check it out here. My first task with the Velveteers is not over until I make something sweet or savory with the tofu that I made at home, from scratch (I can’t mention enough that I made tofu at home, from scratch). But I am patting myself too much on the back, which is uncharacteristic of me and honestly, making me gag, which is the last thing you want to see on a food blog. So, I will quickly move on to the recipe, that I found at La Fuji Mama, while going through her tofu making tutorial. It is called tofu steak and is much easier than cooking or eating steak.
Pat dry the block of tofu with paper towels.

Cut into thick wedges or chunks and dry it furthermore.
Salt and pepper both sides.
Cover both sides with finely minced or grated garlic. Make sure there are no big chunks of garlic.
Lightly sprinkle flour on both sides.

Heat a non-stick or cast iron skillet. Drizzle a couple of tablespoons of sesasme oil in a hot skillet and cook the pieces on two sides till brown and crispy, approximately 2-3 minutes. Do this on medium to low heat to prevent the garlic from burning.

Take them off the skillet and line them on some paper towels to drain any excess oil.

Serve with duck sauce, soy sauce or any other sauce of your choice.


  1. Hi. Read both the posts on tofu and girl you surely need that pat on your back. The tofu looks nicely firm and the post well explained.Good job dear.
    It's been quite some time I heard from you, keep in touch.

  2. So the first task has been completed. Congrats! :)

    Since my family doesn't really like tofu I have never cooked much with it.
    This way looks interesting, a relief after the labour intensive tofu making. :D

  3. This is lovely. I make it similarly. Once in a while I do marinate the big chunks of tofu in soy sauce and garlic mixture and then shallow fry like you.

  4. Tofu wedges seems new, looks something like garlic bread instead of bread you have tofu :P

  5. Lovely Jaya...
    Came after a long time , just saw this post n clicked to come here.

    Saw you detailed tofu making process too .... wonderfully explained .

    I make soy milk , soy curd and tofu at home and have been getting lots of requests for this on my health food blog , and guess what ...i have soaked soybeans for making tofu just for the blog .....now i will link your post whenever i'll post it there.

    I use okara for my multigrain rotis and it's good that way....i use it for my yeasted multigrain or wholewheat breads too and there is no need to add any butter or oil when fresh okara is used for a bread.

    My daughter was intolerant to milk in the last 3 yrs of her life and that's when i started making soy milk n then tofu at home.....and it's after that long time that i'll be making it now.

  6. Please pass it over Jaya,I can't stop drooling ;)...Very easy recipe!!!

    Btw,I have an award for u here - http://seduceyourtastebuds.blogspot.com/2010/07/blanching-tomatoes-in-microwave.html

    Kindly collect it :)

  7. My Husband used to hate tofu till one day I made crunchy tofu Kylie kwong style. now we often have this. and now that its raining here nonstop we love them even more. adding garlic is a great idea. will do next time.

  8. please o please Jaya stop posting such complex recipes. It is not enough that you made Tofu from scratch and now this ? Makes me realise how lazy I am and I cannot iamgine doing things from scratch.

  9. My mouth's watering. That really looks delicious. I marinate tofu sometimes in a ginger-garlic paste when I substitute it for paneer, but I am sure that taste is nowhere near as delicious as that of your fresh, homemade tofu. Hats off, Jaya.

  10. Sangeeta, thank you for the "lovely" compliment. Expect a mail from me in a day or two. And thanks for the tip on okara.

    PJ, thanks. Left a comment on your blog already.

    RC (Supriya), I thought this was an easy recipe compared to making the tofu! I don't often make things from scratch, except may be dahi and rotis but I haven't decided yet if the tofu making will be a regular in the kitchen or if it was a one time thing.

    Thanks Vaishali. BTW, my hat is always off for you. :)

  11. Hi Jaya,

    This is so wonderful recipe ... making tofu at home and making a dish out of it...its cool idea...i never imagined we can prepare at home...u explained very well...i am glad to find u..if you get time do visit my blog


  12. Hi Jaya linked your tofu post at my blog...
    hope you are fine , you didn't reply the mail.


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