Apr 2, 2009

Novice Soccer Mom

Two weeks ago I became a soccer mom literally, with one exception. I drive a sedan instead of a SUV or a Van. Apart from that I am doing everything a Soccer mom does – driving to practice sessions and games, cheering and coaching from the sideline and arranging for post game snacks and drinks.
I guess it was inevitable that I become a SM eventually. I have an active 3-year old who loves the outdoors. I had my doubts on the first day though. During his first practice session he was happy to take turns kicking the ball into the goal post but when it came to running with his team of four he wasn’t too thrilled. He kept hiding behind my legs or wanting me to pick him up.
I was going to give it two more tries before I said goodbye to my $55 fee. But the second practice session was more promising. He liked dribbling (which is basically running after the ball and kicking it) and even ran with his team. Of course I had to run alongside him but it was better than him hiding behind my legs.
That was also the day he got his team jersey and socks, a nice red color too. Two days later he was excited to go to his first game. After the initial confusion over the assigned field the game started. The two team’s coaches decided to play four players against each other at a time. Which was a good thing too because once the game was on it was hard work to contain the ball in the field.
My son was having a good time running around with the melee. Everyone on both teams was kicking the ball in one general direction. It didn’t matter which team they were on, if the kid nearest the goal post had the ball with him he would kick it in. With all the running around, a kid tripped and fell. My son thought it was funny and pretended to fall and sprawled down next to him.
One kid was bawling to his mom because he wanted to play in the game but it wasn’t his turn. Another cried because it was his turn but he didn’t want to play. It was a pity that the kids were from opposing teams or else they could have exchanged places.
The parents meanwhile were busy cheering from the sidelines or taking pictures or videos of their precious soccer players. I was glad to note that none of the parents were the super competitive types and were just happy to see their kids have a good time.
Before we knew it, the game was over. The kids took their snacks and juice boxes. The parents collected the blankets and chairs and it was time to go home with their tired tots.
Next week it is my turn to get the team snacks and drinks. I am already on it.

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  1. he he he...veteran soccer mom here. welcome to the fun!


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