Oct 11, 2009

The fun theory

Would you rather take the stairs instead of the escalator?

T sent me this You Tube video, which just might go viral, so my apologies if you have already seen it in your inbox or as I just found out on Manisha's blog Indian Food Rocks.


  1. Oh I love happy posts like this! What a great thing...people stepping out of their comfort zone to share a common curiousity.....thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Jaya:)
    It had to be Swedish:)
    Have a good day, SP

  3. That is so brilliant. Stairwells are so creepy sometimes, but yeah - I'm an escalator lazypants....

  4. :-) I can watch it over and over again!

  5. Trish you are welcome.

    SP You are right. It had to be Swedish. :)

    I know Ann, it is brilliant. And I agree, stairwells can be creepy sometimes.

    Yep, me too Manisha!

  6. I agree with Ann here.BTW, Saw your comment on cookie thickness today only.Thanks.I simply pinched almost 1 tbsp of dough and then flattened it slightly into rounds and then shaped it more with a 2 inch cookiescutter.The cookies are little thicker and they expand and slighly puff up while baking. Hope this answer helps.HAPPY DIWALI

  7. I like to walk the stairs where possible. Would have loved to be on this one.. :-)

  8. What a wonderful idea! Will share this with others too.


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