Oct 6, 2009

In pursuit of perfection

I am not a perfectionist by any stretch of imagination. I strive to be one but end up looking more like a bumbling, multitasking, frazzled hair girl/woman of thirty something years. So recently, when T found this cool food blog, Chow, I was in nirvana heaven. All you foodies out there on the blogosphere who have ever dreamed of making/eating the perfect tortilla and more, head on over to Chow and check out how to achieve simple perfection in everyday food. These are two of my favorite clips they have on their cool website.

Perfect tortilla or works of art? You decide.

Organic, simple ingredients combined with a love for food and hospitality make this delicious handmade pasta and fresh pesto. Perfect pesto on perfect pasta? I think we have a winner.

It will take me years of patience and honing the art of cooking to achieve this kind of perfection. Meanwhile, I live vicariously through Chow. Sending this pursuit of perfection to Sra’s The Write Taste event.


  1. Thank you, Jaya! Must go revisit my membership on this site, thanks for reminding me! I think I like this e-take on the event!

  2. Nice post. I love anything with pesto sauce. Bow tie pasta with pesto sauce and Pizza with pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce.

  3. Hi Jaya:)
    Hope all i well:)
    Just wane wish u a good day and week.
    From sunny Oslo, kind regards SP

  4. ooh..im seduced with the way he was speaking spanish...Woow whow woow wHHHoww.thou i may not end up making the tortillas, i ve bookmarked this webpage!!

  5. Thanks Sra.
    I agree SG. I too can eat pesto with just about everything.
    SP, you have a good day and a good week too. :)
    Rush, I too may not make the tortilla from scratch but I am planning to make the pesto. T bought some pine nuts the other day and was shocked to learn they cost $20 for a pound!

  6. Thanks for sharing this, will definitely go through!


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