Dec 8, 2009

On the fringe and back

November was a tortoise/ rabbit month for me. I had my final papers due in college, a group presentation, a PP talk at my writer’s meet besides taking care of a friend’s kid for a few days and carting him and my son to school. Of course, other regular chores like cooking, cleaning and entertaining go on as usual. At the end of the day, what little energy I had left I chose to spend on catching up on missed episodes of Fringe instead of blogging. After all, I reminded myself, a wise man once said about blogging “blog only if it is fun”.

It was hard not to blog though. In the eight months that I have started blogging, it has become an extension of me. In the few weeks I have been absent from my blog, I was constantly taking pictures to post and mulling over my text to write. But at the end of the day, sitting in front of my laptop, my hands would pause, the mind would turn blank. I would hit the shut down button and go back to watching Fringe.

If you are into sci-fi/ paranormal genre, you can understand how addicting it is to watch Fringe. It airs every Thursday on Fox but clashes with my other favorite genre, comedy. At the moment, there is nothing more hilarious on TV than NBC’s Thurs nights with The Office and 30 Rock. Thank the technology for Hulu, where I can watch my other favorites the next day, especially if I missed the first season but can catch up with the click of a button.

Did I just digress from blogging to TV talk? Well, that is what happens when you take a break and come back after a few weeks. Hopefully, I am back for good, at least for a while. My college doesn’t start till middle of Jan and even though my next three weekends are busy, my weekdays are relatively free. So, brace yourselves for a barrage of posts (fingers crossed).

Before I leave, here’s a bunch of photos I clicked on my brief hiatus. More details and recipes coming soon.

Methi Theplas with potato cauliflower sabzi and carrot, tomato, onion koshimbeer (salsa).

Found this simple but yummy recipe for Eggplant Talasani at Manisha's Indian Food Rocks.

Eggless Banana Walnut Bread made with semolina (rava). Recipe on Supriya's Red Chillis.

Jammy Biscuits baked from Curry Leaf's Experiments, Emotions, Experiences with Food .

"I'll eat the jam first, cookie later."
 All those concerned parents out, don't worry. He didn't get to eat the whole plate of cookies. I took away the plate after he polished off two. So don't send me any concerned, anonymous comments like this one.


  1. Great Clicks, a small break helps in reboosting our energy. As for the word verification-I am not the one who wants them . I have also seen blogs being spammed inspite of the WV. This is my opinion....and I often land on blogs thru Foodworld. Hope I killed the curious cat in you for today...let me know.

  2. hey Jaya..looks like lots going on at your end..and as the wise man only when its obligations..just dont forget your blog buddies :) .. Hope you have time to enjoy the holiday season..

  3. Hi Jaya,Right now its lunch time here and looking at your clicks I am all the more hungry and the worst part is I haven't event started cooking for lunch[sigh..].Nice to see your back to blogging.

  4. Hearty Thanks for trying the biscuits Jaya.They look wow and I too prefer the jam first.I could not visit earlier.All the dishes look perfect.i had bookmarked RC bread earlier itself.
    Blogging must be for fun,but I think it has become a sort of obsession for me.I can't stop blogging or bloghopping and am always trying out something or other 50% of which may go wrong,Ahh,but I love it.But ofcourse,when real life calls,we have to be there.So its perfectly normal when you shut down.Expecting more from you this month thgh...Cheers and Thanks

  5. I was planning on sending you an email checking on you as it had been a while since your last post. But then I saw your post yesterday at work. The strange thing is I can see the post but the comment section is blocked. :-(
    Oh well..good to see you back with so many recipes. Thanks for trying the banana cake. I liked the brinjal talasani recipe.

    I have not watched Fringe, I will keep an eye on it the next time. Somehow I am not very fond of Office even though I like Steve Carell. The one show that we love watching is the Bing Bang Theory. It is hilarious.

  6. Thank you Cilantro for your kind input.

    Dips, thanks and I hope you too have time to enjoy the holidays. :)

    PJ, thank you. Keep visiting.

  7. Thank you Curry. I know what you mean. Blogging is addictive and even if I don't post anything, I still can't stop myself from going blog hopping. And yes, I too try out stuff and 50 % of it goes wrong. But it is still fun.

    Supriya (RC), Thank you for your concern. I am not sure why the comment thing didn't work. I loved the banana cake and had taken pictures a couple of months ago but somehow never got around to posting it. T liked the talasani recipe too.
    BTW, we love the Big Bang Theory too. It IS hilarious. :)

  8. I understand about brimming with ideas and not being able to implement them...about not being able to blog is something like that...
    For me it becomes different sometimes , as it is now....blogging n blog hopping becomes a good distraction from the reality....
    Addictive .... yes it becomes n for me it's great !!

    but the khana will get how many days/weeks old when you finally decide to post...the methi thepla is enticing me..

  9. Ola. I just came back to check this post and realised my earlier comment didn't "take"...hmmmm...some "fringe" elements at work. I'm pretty sure I commented on this post before. Anyhoo, what courses are you taking at college?


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