Feb 4, 2010

Grace period for the Repost Event

Feb 6 was supposed to be the last day to submit your entrees for the repost event. As promised in the original announcement post, I was strict about participants following my rules. As a result, I sent back a couple of entrees. For those who were gracious enough to accept my rejection of their posts, it was only fair that I give them a grace period of six days to redo their reposts.
For those of you who are still unclear on the rules, here they go again. If you don’t feel like going through the list of rules, just remember one cardinal rule: Do not just repost but redo, either in what you write or add a spanking new, preferably better photo, not more than two of your earliest posts.

Now to those strict rules that caused the deadline to be extended from Feb 6 to Feb 12 are:
Rule No. 1: Choose not more than two food related posts out of the first 10 posts on your blog.
Rule No. 2: Do not just repost but rewrite your old posts. Add, subtract or edit to the post. In short dress it up or down. For ex tell your readers why you decided on that particular post. Or what made you learn or make that dish and post it. I am looking for posts similar to this one and this one.
Rule No. 3: To get around Rule No. 2. If you think your post is perfect and the text does not need any editing, at least take the effort and put up a different, if possible better photo. For example, add value by talking about some interesting/ funny comments you received on that post or the reaction of your friends and family on reading your initial posts.
Rule No. 4: Link back to the original post so readers can compare. Lines similar to: “This was my original post” or "This is what I posted before" should do the trick.
Rule No. 5: Repost the edited post and send with a 300px wide photo to jayawagle(at)gmail.com by Feb 12. Add a link to this post and write ‘The Repost Event’ in the subject line.

Here's my lame attempt at creating the logo which you may or may not use:

the repost event

In return for following my rules, I swear to follow these rules (sarcasm intended):
Rule No. 1: I will post the roundup in a timely fashion, by second week of Feb, barring any unfortunate circumstances.
Rule No. 2: I will not solicit on your comment form for participation in my event.
Rule No. 3: I will not insist that you be a follower of my blog to participate.

Happy reposting foodies.


  1. Hi jaya.. thanks for dropping to my blog and acknowledge my entry.. Gujia Vada are basically Gujrati.. I am very bad at identifying sources of dishes.. But I guess i am right here..



  2. Hi Desi Soccer Mom:)
    What a wonderful idea...i wish i had a food blog now:)

    Thanks for you lovely comments...Bye SP

  3. Hi.......Jaya.....
    Its great to know that your Repost Event has been extended by 6 weeks as it gives latecomers like me a chance to participate...
    P.S. I am following your blog :))

  4. ooh, I love this repost idea. I wish I had a food blog. Instead I will enjoy all of yours! :)

  5. Rujuta, Welcome aboard. The event has been extended by 6 days not weeks.

    Alicia, thanks.

  6. Hi.....Jaya
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments....
    Sorry for the typo...i meant 6 days not 6 weeks :)))

  7. aha.. I thought I had missed the deadline for this one. I hope I can get squeezed into the last few days, as always :)

  8. I missed your event completely.
    Round-up? What is that?


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