Jun 17, 2010

Coming clean

A peek into my pantry

Much has been said and commented about my pantry space, so here’s the proof that I do occasionally clean it, well every three months or so.

All clean and shiny 

Canned goods and some libation

 Notice the uniform containers (dollar store) and the neatly stacked snacks.

Mustard, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, red chili...

The seving platters on the top rack.

Another close up.

The final look.

Do you have a kitchen/ pantry nook you are proud off? Send me a click by June 30 and I will post a link here. Don't forget, the caption contest.

Some of these pics are off to Nupur's What's Lurking in your pantry? 


  1. No, I can't be proud of my pantry after seeing this.

  2. So neat, now show us a real picture!

  3. Love to have a walk in pantry, mine is sipping over! Neat and clean good for you.
    Have fun, see you in July!:)

  4. ahhhhhhhh...how organised u r...neat n clean pantry..with such a perfect pantry one wil b attracted to cook often...good job..10/10

  5. A real neat job Jaya! Makes me want to put some potted plats there ... the shelves look so nice. :)
    I have a big rack to store my bottles etc that I have been wanting to paint white .. for a longish time.

  6. Thank you girls.

    @Sra: The real picture is on the chocolate ice cream post. :)

  7. thats neat.. spic and span..

  8. Jaya - How contrasting are before & after pictures. I am so proud of you. :D. Reg your comment on my Adai post - I am not that young ok, will be 27 this September ;). I call her Ashaji from before-my-blogging days - out of habit and respect. :). and you know Latha from The Yum Blog. I call her Lathamma. She so much reminds me of my own Mom! :D.


  9. I have a thing about neatness (pantry included) that drives my husband and daughter round the bend! LOL
    Yours deserves an award.:)

  10. lets start by saying your pantry is close to my dream pantry! Living in Kuwait has got its share of ifs and buts.Yes here I can only dream of having a pantry! But i find my ways
    ;) of storing up food! What are your pantry staples?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog !

  11. Wow that's so spic and span!!!!Luved the way u have arranged the little jars...

  12. Wow! that looks so good, even if i clean up, it won't looks this good.
    Nice blog, happy to follow you:-)

  13. Now that is really looking like out of the magazine stuff..heehehe..do you actually get things out to cook...hahha..just kidding ok..very very neat..can't imagine mine being like that!..:)

  14. My god, I am jealous of that pantry! Mine is like a mess with everything crammed in and falling all over the place, and I'm not joking. When are you coming to live with me? :)

  15. I live with a clean/neat freak and most of the time my kitchen cabinets are tidy. But when he gets busy it all goes down hill.

  16. Jaya, I am now scared even to open my pantry door. It is going to make me immensely depressed. This is my dream pantry. Picture perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jaya, what a neat pantry! Considering the size of my pantry, having a well arranged pantry is a must for me. My pantry is of the size of middle section of your pantry, so had to allocate one entire overhead cabinet for snacks and other stuff such as masalas.

  18. Hey Jaya,

    I m so happy to see your pantry so well organized. I like your onion-potato storage rack.
    This is my entry to your Coming clean event!


  19. Wow. Now I'm depressed.
    Wandered over here from OneHotStove.
    ....off to clean out my pantry!

  20. What great space, Jaya. A walk-in pantry is a dream I long to fulfill w/out overfilling it. You have so much less k-rap than I do. I am not proud of this.

    So very impressed with your organization, and to see that you enjoy a *real classic* martini - with gin. : }


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