May 22, 2009

The girl with the no-green-thumb

I do not claim to have a green thumb. I am not disciplined enough to take care of potted plants and therefore plant everything in the ground. The plants are taken care by the sprinklers and the occasional rain we get all year round in Texas. Inspite of it my plants seem to do really good. The only reason I can think of is the kitchen scraps (vege peels and rotten fruits) I bury next to them from time to time. My neighbor, Liz (who has a green thumb), tells me the scraps turn into compost for the plants and act as a fertillizer. The only other reason could be LUCK.

Because of my lack of green thumb, I try to plant vegetation that is either evergreen or the kind that comes back in spring. Right now, my flower bed in the front has an assortment of chrysanthamums, winter sage, salvia, sedum and day lilies.
I have to say they are looking pretty good right now. Not too shabby for a girl with no green thumb.

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