Jun 3, 2009

Chicken Salad Sandwich with salad greens and blueberries

In India, I had read about chicken salad sandwich in books and seen people order it on American sitcoms. But I had no idea how it was made or what its taste was like. Eight years ago when I came to the US, a newbie bride eager to taste all that this wonderful country had to offer, guess what, chicken salad sandwich was one of the first things I ordered in a diner. It was shredded chicken drowned in mayonnaise and mustard, slopped on two pieces of untoasted bread. I did not care for the taste or the texture and so did not eat it again for the next 6 years. Then one day I went with my friend Erin to the Celebrity Cafe. She recommended the Chicken Salas Sandwich (from henceforth to be referred as CSS) on the menu. I was skeptical but Erin’s recommendation, be they about food or movies, has never steered me wrong. So I ordered the CSS and loved it. It was not gooey like I remembered it. You could hardly taste the mayo and the mustard and it had bits of pecans and apples in it for crunch. The whole wheat bread was lightly toasted and there was a crunchy lettuce leaf under the salad to soak up the liquid and prevent the bread from getting soggy. A fan of CSS now, I wanted to replicate the Celebrity CafĂ© sandwich in my kitchen. After two years of trials and errors I have finally hit the jackpot. I just eyeball my ingredients for this recipe and so the following is an approximation of my recipe. You can adjust the ingredients according to your liking.

Craneberry Walnut bread from Bread Hause


¼ cup Rotisserie chicken, shredded
½ tbs Mayo
1 tsp mustard of your choice
1tbsp pecan/ walnuts
2 tbsp chopped onion and or apple
A dash of salsa
Salt and pepper to taste

Run the shredded chicken and pecans through the food processor for a few minutes. Chicken salad is ready.
I pile it on two slices of hearty bread we get from a local German bakery. This time I had some cranberry walnut bread in the house. Yum!
Some store bought salad greens and blueberries and lunch is ready.

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