Jun 8, 2009

An ode to artisan bread

This picture is my entry to Jugalbandi's Click Event

Long time ago, we found a German bakery called Bread Haus, about 40 minutes away from our home. I still remember the first time I walked into their little shop, lined with wooden shelves and filled with golden, brown loaves of bread. A delicious smell of fresh baked bread hung in the air. To the side and in the back you could see a huge oven and stainless steel tables on which more bread was being shaped by hand and left to rise for next day.
This week Tushar got some freshly made bread and I couldn’t help but take a picture of this loaf of garlic Gilroy and post it. If you have always eaten the pre packaged, retail store bread, you have to try a local bakery made bread. We have been customers of Hous for 6 years now and I know friends who have been regulars since the last 13 years. We eat the bread with
chicken salad , with some pepper jack cheese melted on top or just plain with some butter smeared on it.

Here’s a little information about ‘Bread Hous’ and a link to their website.
The owners, Petra and Mark Lively, make artisan breads out of organic flours, grains and seeds. Their hearty breads do not contain any added sugar, fat, dairy and egg. We buy two or three loaves every two weeks but have to reserve our favorite kind (Multigrain and Garlic Gilroy) early in the morning or they sell out of almost all of their bread by 4 PM every day.

Bread Haus , a retail bakery, owned and operated by Petra and Mark Lively.


  1. I like the way you write in a narrating style....so did i follow you on friend connect. Thanks for commenting on my Blog....
    I just found your blog by clicking the next blog link on the navigation bar on Blogger...Nice meeting you

  2. Thank you Hariharan,

    I liked your 'unusual sentences'. I will keep going back to read them.

  3. HI Jaya.
    Now i know why i have always eaten bread. Nothing is as good as bread with organic salad:)and some garlic and olive oil:)

  4. hey..I posted a comment here yesterdy...didnt it appear ? I dont think it was offending in any way :(

  5. Dips,

    My comments are not moderated and should appear within seconds of you posting them. U sure they were for this post? :) You are welcome to leave your comment again. I love hearing from you.


    There is nothing like eating fresh bread made with organic ingredients. It hold true for all things organic.

  6. Hi Jaya.
    I agree, i agree:)
    Have a wonderful day, i love your blogs new design. It looks fresh:)

  7. Oh wow that's an awesome bread.......


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