Aug 13, 2009

Weight Watching: Day Four

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I was never much for reading calorie information on labels but it is a well known fact that writing down the calorie intake also helps reduce calorie intake. So from now on i'll try to write down as much information as I can about the total calories I am consuming. Or at least do a calorie watch like this:
1 tbsp of tomato ketchup = 60 cal

Breakfast: 1/4 cup of raisin bran (50 cal) and 1/2 cup (50 cal) of cheerios with a cup of 1% milk(100 cal). Total cal: 210 cal.
Lunch: Grilled potato sandwich (300 cal) with half a cucumber cup up in slices. Just a small dollop of ketchup. Couple of pieces of watermelon for dessert.
Tea: One cup of tea with two small pieces of cranberry artisan bread smeared with peanut butter. (approx 50 cal)
Dinner: Two rotis with left over potato broccoli sabzi and a bowl of yogurt with a teaspoon of sugar. (approx 350 - 400 cal)
Exercise: 20 minute brisk walk around the neighborhood (about 150 cal burnt).
Total Calorie Consumed: 960 - 150 = 810 cal.

Grilled Potato Sandwich

I was going to eat the left overs from previous night for lunch. But making this sandwich for my 3 year old made me realize how long the potato sabzi had been in the fridge (6 days) and if I didn’t use it up, I would have to throw it in a day or two. This is same sabzi I use for stuffing Aloo Paranthas.
I used two slices of sourdough bread and two slices of pepperjack cheese. It also tastes good with green chutney either spread on the slice or as a side or both.
With the crusts cut off the bread slices are about 100 cal each. The two slices of pepperjack cheese are about 80 cal and the potato sabzi about 20 cal. I figured a 300 cal lunch was pretty healthy. Not to mention the fiber provided by the cucumber slices. Normally, I would have eaten the sandwich with store bought potato chips. Additional calories not consumed – 140 calories.

2 slices of sourdough or any white bread
2 tablespoon of potato sabzi
2 slices of pepperjack cheese or cheese of your choice
Olive oil to drizzle

Plug in the sandwich grill. Spread the potato sabzi evenly on one bread slice. Add the cheese slices on top. Cover with the other bread slice. Drizzle with a little bit of olive oil. Put it OO side down on the grill and drizzle some more on the top side. Close the grill and cook till the sandwich is crispy and golden. Serve with ketchup or for a healthier version with green chutney.
The sandwich is so easy to make, especially if you have the sabzi ready and in my family this is eaten not only for lunch but also for breakfast, brunch and dinner, depending on what the mood strikes. For this reason the sandwich is going to EC's WYF:Breakfast. This sandwich also goes to Cooking for Kids: Evening Snacks event started by Sharmi of Neiyedyam and hosted this month by Diyva of Dil Se.


  1. Jaya, looks divine. Am sure it tasted great. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Your food looks so good that it hardly looks like diet food, i should make that Ros that you made.

  2. Anju thank you. I am just trying to eat a regular, well balanced diet without the added fats (cream, butter) and sugar. Otherwise it becomes hard to stick to. :)

  3. Good going Jaya !!
    Studies have proven that keeping track of what you eat or something like food journal does helps you keep a better check on your diet and also, allow yourself to give a pat on your own back when you are doing so Cheers !

  4. Jaya...the mishti doi is similar to the srikhand you might be familiar with....the only difference is that mishti doi is set with the curd starter after reducing the milk and in srikhand it is hung curd blended with sugar n kesar elaichi etc...

    both of them are variants of sweetened curds but the taste is very very different ...

    and your wt. watch is worth watching dear...i'll be here more often...we can motivate each other in many ways....
    check out my daliya breads to make it more fiber rich n healthy.......

  5. Hi, it's fun to read your Weight watching recipes...they look very nice..look forward to more...

  6. Great going Jaya. The sandwich looks really yummy.

  7. Jaya, I love the sound of potato subzi in a sandwich. What a brilliant idea. I will try it the next time I make potato subzi, along with some mint chutney.
    Great job, by the way, on sticking with your diet. I wish I had the discipline. You're amazing!

  8. That sandwich looks yummm..i didnt know one tbsp of ketchup has 60 cal..we finish of half a bottle at a time :)

  9. Wow..sandwich looks so tempting..thanks for the entry

  10. Please dont give your son 6days old sabji, although it is sitting in fridge, it is not healthy. Food loses its nutrients and degenerats. Use at the max 2 days old. Sorry, do not take it wrongly.

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    The 6 day old sabzi was a one time thing. Being a mom, I am aware of nutrition.
    If you won't take it "wrongly", do have the courage to identify yourself when doling out advice. At least I wasn't sneaky about the duration of the sabzi or publishing your comment.

  12. Hi Jaya:)
    You have a gorgeous son, and more power to you for stating your case....Have a wonderful day, Sp

  13. lols ....
    followed the link n saw this anon. comment..

  14. ;) I just fell in love with you after reading your reply to Annonymous! More power to desi moms.

    Love the blog as well btw. I have just started


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