Jul 21, 2009

Potting around the garage

Four months ago when I started this blog, it was not only with the intention of writing down moments of my life as a mother, a cook and a homemaker but also to chart my progress as a potter (it says so in my blog description).
I started throwing pots (that is ceramic jargon for making pots not breaking them) about eight years ago. It started as a hobby class in the local community college but I loved the process of creating pots and bottles and vases out of clay so much I never stopped throwing till three years ago. My adorable son was born and between raising him, two long trips to India and my soccer mom schedule, I never really got around to sit on the wheel.

Last year Tushar bought me a potter’s wheel and we set it up in the garage. A neighbor helped us put up shelves and tidy up the place, but it was either too hot or too cold to work in the garage. Somehow a year has passed and I am writing this post with the intention that by next month I will start throwing again (Fingers crossed).

Today, I dragged out from the garage two boxes filled with my earlier pots and decided to photograph them, as an inspiration/ reminder that I need to start potting (throwing) again.
Tomorrow, I attend a Texas Potters and Sculptures guild meeting and get to meet fellow potters. They are a creative bunch and some have been potting for years. Hopefully with the encouragement, guidance and support of these like minded people, I’ll start potting within the next month.
Will keep you updated.


  1. WOWWWWWW! You are really really good. I loved every piece of it. I would like to see the new pieces you throw. I call it my therapy :) and my colleagues call it my 'playing in the mud time'!

    So have fun at the meeting and start throwing soon.

  2. Wow! thats amazing - keep it up and dont give up!

  3. Hey! don't waste your time. Go out girl! make your talent blossoms more than ever.

    I can't wait to see the outcome. KEEP UP THAT GOOD SPIRIT. I don't know no one from Asia who give up easily. Not ONE, dear! coz I know what am talking. Am a full blooded Asian, indeed.

    So, I am one of your follower and will give you the support through words and I guarantee you, words help. I promise.

    Keep up the good work J!


  4. Lovely! I love to collect ceramic pots. You can also make glazed pots? They are so good!
    If I was near I would definitely have bought a few.

  5. Beautiful creations Jaya, you are so talented. Loved the second one. Hope you have a great time at the Texas Potters and Sculptures guild meeting.

    Btw, I am in Texas too :-)

  6. Thank you Mints, Miri, R2t, Mona and RC for your kind appeciation and encouragement. :)
    Much appreciate it :)

  7. Wow Jaya you made those? i want to learn pottery from a very long time, i wish some day i'll too be able to create such gorgeous pots :)

  8. Jaya, those pots are beautiful. Pottery is such a lovely and creative hobby to have. Hope you keep creating! :)

  9. Oh wow those look gorgeous.....u rock dear...

  10. I love the pottery. I can look at one photo for minutes to see the slight changes in the finish. They are beautiful.


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