Jul 9, 2009

Srikhand + Aamras = Amrakhand

According to my taste palette whoever invented amrakhand was a genius. It is one of the best combinations of yogurt and mango your taste buds get to experience in the hot months of summer.
Yogurt sets quickly in hot weather and mangoes are plentiful. Leftover milk is made into yogurt, transferred to a thin cotton cloth and tied and hung over a hook overnight. A bowl underneath catches the whey. Next day the thick yogurt is whipped with sugar, cardamom powder and nuts. Srikhand is ready to be eaten.
Of course, that was not enough for our culinary ancestors so they took some mango pulp and mixed it with the hung yogurt. And I am glad they did because they gave us Amrakhand.

If gods were sitting down for a meal, I am sure they were having Amrakhand as one of the side dessert. So offering a small prayer for the universe and feeling a little bit closer to the god's gastronomy, I send my happy mood to Nithya's FIC Express Your Mood , originally started by Sunshinemom .
This side dessert of the gods is also my second entry to Srivalli’s Mango Mela .

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  1. mmm.. looks yummy, and great for the hot summer! ;)

  2. Oh my pass on that plate to me!

  3. sounds good and looks pretty!

  4. Really inviting dessert!!!
    Drop in sometime

  5. Hi Jaya, Thanks for visiting my blog and so glad I found yours. You have a great blog going.

    You guessed the Sprouts FM correctly, I was very impressed :-)

    My mother's maiden is also Wagle and she grew up in Bombay before moving to Bangalore. Good to know you, Jaya!


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