Jul 16, 2009

Roasted Red Chili Peanuts

Bowl: Ikea
Place Mat: World Market
Peanuts: Sprouts Farmers Market
Taste: Spicy hot!
Entry: Jugalbandi's Click: Bi-Color event


  1. A glass of red wine and those peanuts would be absolute bliss! Lovely picture, Jaya.

  2. Hi Jaya.
    Looks amazing, i have decidet to host a monthly dinnerparty. I will use one of your recipies for my first one.
    Good thoughts have been send to you from Norway,SP

  3. yum yum i wish i could have this right now!

  4. Hi Jaya, peanuts look awesome!

    Yes I have been throwing pots for past 6 years on and off. I go to a studio where they allow only cone 10 firing. I tried to do some hand building but soon realized its not my piece of cake ;)

    drop me a line at vadanikaval@gmail anytime and we can chat about it more :D

  5. Thank you KF, Parita and Mints.

    Yes, Vaishali, they do taste good with red wine. That's what we buy them for. :)

    Let me know how it goes SP.

    Mints, I am writing my mail to u next. And tomorrow will try to upload pics of my pots. :)

  6. Hey there!! Came in here thru RC's blog!! The peanuts look very spicy and inviting. Read ur comment on whether the deep-fried peanuts can be baked, microwaving works really really well. Do try it out!


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