Aug 10, 2009

How to link another blog on your post

For the veteran blogger and those who deal with software, this post is not of any interest. This is for those who, like me, are new bloggers and do not know how to link a blog or website you mention in your post by just clicking on a name. I searched and looked for a way to do this for a long time before I stumbled on the html code that would allow me to do this.
To link to another site by a word you need to add the code when you load your document in the compose mode of blogger.
For example, I want to link one of my blog entries, say Watching Weight and a craving, I would click on that entry and copy the URL that is on the top of the screen.
Then this is code I would write, which I could show you only in the click of the post before I published it. The word Methi Dal would appear like this: Methi Dal
I hope I have explained the code coherently enough. If not the photo should do it.
Let me know if I need to clarify or explain any other details. Those of you who are more adept in computer languages, do let me know if there is another way to do this.


  1. This will work fine and also you could highlight the word and click the link tab which is next to the color tab and place the link there. This will also link to the other link/URL. Hope I am clear.

  2. Hi Jaya:)
    This makes sense, thanxs.
    Have a lovely day, SP - finally sunny Oslo

  3. Cilantro said,just highlight the words which you want to link and click the link tab.

  4. Thank you Cilantro and Divya. I tried your tip for my latest post and it was so easy I can't believe I didn't do it for so long. Thank you once again, you guys made my day :)
    SP, you are welcome

  5. How do I link from one of my blog postings to another one of my blog postings? Just to clarify - not from one blog to another blog, but from one posting within a blog to another posting within the same blog?

    PS - I found the site by google searching how to link blogs...


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