Aug 7, 2009

Seven interesting things about me for an award!

When Khaugiri nominated me for the Creative blog award, I was thrilled. For a newbie blogger, recognition from a fellow bloggers is encouraging and moral boosting. Thank you Sneha.
Like all things in life, this award too comes with rules. I have to nominate seven other bloggers and link to them. I also have to write seven interesting things about me. Nominating fellow bloggers was easy. Writing seven interesting things about me was hard. But here I go:

1. I am a day dreamer and an insomniac.
2. I love reading and worked as journalist for a Bollywood magazine called Screen and an advertising magazine called The Brief:
3. I am currently working on a short story or a long novel; I am not sure how it will end.
4. I tried my hand at painting once. I am not good at it.
5. I tried my hand at throwing pots. I was a decent potter before I stopped potting three years ago. I am planning to take it up again.
6. I had an arranged marriage (which is interesting for my non-Indian readers) and it took me four years to find Tushar.
7. As a kid I wanted to be an actress (don't we all), as a teenager I just wanted to be famous (didn’t know how, though) and as an adult I am content and happy to be a mother and a housewife, who has a blog, who writes and who pots.

Now for the seven nominations to be able to accept the award, they also have to nominate other seven bloggers, link to them and the person who nominated them, inform them and write seven interesting things about themselves. In no particular order (except for the first one) here are the nominations:

1. The first one goes, without a question, to Soul Princess who was one of my first followers. I like her blog because she gives me snippets of her life as a single girl living in Oslo, Norway. It reminds of my days as a single girl living in Bombay, India.
2. The second one goes to Dips of Centaur Cooks . We share similar paths in life, be it career or marriage or even the timing of starting our blog!
3. The third one goes to Vaishali of Holy Cow . A lot of you know her and for those who don’t, Vaishali is a vegan and a great writer. Her blog is all about cooking vegan food and her recipes turn out delicious.
4. The fourth one goes to Red Chillies for her super cool pictures and easy recipes, not to mention her blog aggregator.
5. The fifth one goes to Simran of Bombay Foodie because of whom I joined their cool book club – This book makes me Cook. It is a great way to combine two of my passions cooking and booking! Thank you Simran.
6. The sixth one goes to Anju of Anju Cooks . She is a newbie like me and I love the way she injects humor in her cooking posts.
7. The seventh nomination goes to Mints of Vadanikawalgheta . She has a neat blog with down to earth recipes in Marathi and English. I also share the common thread of throwing pots with her!
Congratulations girls.


  1. Hi
    Thank you so much, this really brightens my day and weekend:)
    Have a gorgeous weekend:)

  2. Hi
    Just nominated you right back:)

  3. Ah Jaya, so good to know about you. I am impressed that you are writing a story/novel and you pot too. You are indeed very talented.
    Thank you for passing this award to me, "deep bow".

  4. Dear Jaya, thanks for your kind words and for the award. I think you're a really talented potter and writer, and I am so glad you started blogging because I got to know you!
    One quick thing-- my blog is Holy Cow! and not It's a Vegan World (that's the title of my monthly recurring event on world cuisine).:)

  5. Cool! I feel like I just got to know ou a little bit better! :)

  6. hey..Thanks so much for the award...but now I have to think about 7 interesting things about myself ! :)

  7. Hi Jaya,

    Thank you so much i am very honoured. Being a new blogger, this means so much to me and my confidence too! Now the hard part will be the 7 interesting things!

  8. Congratulations for the award dear! you were a journalist? wow thats so interesting!


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