Aug 15, 2009

Watching weight: Day Five

Red Chori Beans Curry
My toe is still sore and I am walking around the neighborhood in my flip flops, getting used to puzzled looks. Yesterday, I walked an extra few minutes and increased calorie burn to about 200. Calorie watch of the day:
1/4 cup of M&Ms = 210 calories

Reason for highlighting M&M:
For the longest time, I would grab a handful at least three four times a day whenever sugar rush hit me. I realized recently that by the end of the day I was eating almost 1/2 cup of these colorful drops of sweetness or about 420 empty calories. If I was running on the treadmill for 40 minutes and burning 400 calories, I was negating that calorie burn by consuming the M&Ms!

Now for the daily food log:
Breakfast: I know it is getting repetitive but what can I say, I like my cereal mix. 1/4 cup of raisin bran and 1/2 cup of Cheerios with a cup of milk.
Lunch: A bowl of Khichdi with some watermelon slices for dessert.
Evening Tea: One cup of tea with 2 teaspoon of sugar.
Dinner: Two rotis with red chori beans curry. A bowl of yogurt with one teaspoon of sugar and a nectarine for after dinner dessert.
Exercise: Brisk walk around the neighborhood for about 30 minutes.
Wishing all my desi brothers and sisters a very happy Independence Day.
Jai Hind!

Red Chori Beans Curry (Red cow peas or Adzuki (azuki) beans curry)

I had never eaten chori till about six months ago when a friend made it for dinner at her house. I fell in love with this petite looking version of red kidney beans or rajma. They are much sweater and as full of protein as rajma. The best part is they cook quicker. Soak them in plenty of water the night before or at least 6-8 hours before cooking.
Also check out RedChillies delicious and nutritious Red Chori with cabbage recipe.
1 cup of chori beans, soaked in plenty of water overnight
1 medium onion, chopped thin
1 tomato, chopped thin
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp asafetida
1/2 tsp coriander cumin powder
1 tsp cumin seeds

Heat a tablespoon of oil in the pressure cooker and add the cumin seeds and asafetida. As the seeds start to crackle add the onions and cook till they turn translucent. Add the ginger garlic paste, garam masala and the coriander cumin powder. Roast for a few minutes till the raw smell of the spices turns aromatic.
Add the chopped tomatoes and cover. Once the tomatoes are softened add the chori and salt. Adjust water and put the lid on. Turn off the heat after three whistles. Once the pressure is cool, open the cooker, transfer to a serving dish and serve with rice or rotis.

This red chori curry goes to My Legume Love Affair hosted by Susan of the Well Seasoned Cook.

I am a Virgo and since the curry turns out brownish in color (color of my Zodiac) I am sending this to FIC Zodiac event hosted by Ashwini for Sunshinemom who gave birth to this wonderful event.


  1. M&M eyeopener :)

    I love earthen flavor of red chavali but I could never make as creamy as yours. I stopped buying red chavali around a year ago, now I will try it your way.

  2. You have a great blog. And loving your weight watching series. Good Luck!

  3. Red chori beans curry looks yumm...
    M&M and calorie negation makes me recollect my mistakes:)

  4. Hi I bought red Chavali today only will try something. great going with your diet.

  5. hi Jaya,

    Got a surprise for you at my blog..
    check it out @


  6. I recently read an article that sited keeping a careful journal of calories consumed vs. calories expended in exercise as the best way of really keeping track of a diet. It's easy to underestimate the damage M&Ms can do. You are ahead of the game, Jaya.

    Thank you for the beautiful curry for MLLA. This would take the edge off my carb cravings in a very nutritious way.

  7. Belated happy independence day to you too dear, i too love M&Ms :)
    Curry looks creamy and yummmmm!

  8. Hi Jaya,
    Happy independence day. Thanks for leaving the lovely comment & its great that you are doing so well with the diet.

  9. Delicious & healthy recipe.. First time here. u have a wonderful blog &Yummy recipes & Great clicks..

  10. Loved your version Jaya and great going with the weight watching. Thank you for including my reipe here, glad you liked it.

  11. Thanks for the valuable information. It very much was useful to me.


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